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I am Julie Anderson, @juliejulie on Twitter, Vine and Medium. I am a middle-aged mom who writes, goes on adventures, and most recently worked in product development and marketing as an Innovation Manager at a big tech company. I like shiny things, and figuring out how to connect people.

I grew up watching Carol Burnet, Dick Van Dyke and Mr. Rogers. I was a drama kid who wanted to be a movie star. I've worked as a nanny, a grade school theater teacher, a storyteller at a computer game company, an artist, an art gallery manager, a professional writer, and a marketing manager. My tech career began when I accidentally started selling Data Architect consultants for money several years ago, then co-founded a financial analytics company. I also started a marketing agency, where I took my mannequin to a U2 concert in Vegas for a great video. Voila! A strange and twisted career has happened.

The truth is, I'm not even close to almost-famous. And I don't need to be. I just like talking to interesting people and sharing their stories. Some of them are famous and wildly successful in business, music and art, and some of them are just "normal" people doing remarkable things.

A bit about Ken:


Ken Richter is my boyfriend. We met on I was looking for quiet bravery. He was looking for someone who could stand in her power. It works.

Ken is @kwrkey on Twitter and Vine. He sings songs and does skits in his garage, which he posts on YouTube. Ken has two teenage boys, and works as a resource and financial forecasting manager in the aviation industry, in real life. His company makes flat screen monitors for private jets. A booming business, which I knew nothing about until I met him.

Ken can tap dance, run surprisingly fast in cowboy boots, and is a talented singer/songwriter who played in a band. Despite all this, he was a tech writer at Hewlett Packard for many years.

Ken was also the captain of his rugby team in college, a commercial fisherman in Alaska, ran Christmas tree and pumpkin lots in LA, renovated an historic church from the ground up, and recently did 600 pull ups in an hour, because he's goal oriented. 

I also write an entertaining blog called Chubby Mommy Running Club about my slow but steady, on again-off again running career. It's a hoot. You'll love it. Ken runs with me sometimes:

Real life and the lure of health benefits keep us off the streets of Hollywood and Nashville, but together, @juliejulie and @kwrkey can still show up in your pocket, on your phone, anytime, anywhere, via the magic of social media, along with all the other remarkable people we meet.